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1.1 Application: The Department of oil, corrosion resistance, flame retardant properties of chlorinated polyethylene elastomer. For the manufacture of various flame-retardant wire and cable, oil-resistant rubber products, weather resistance, good flame-retardant PVC soft PVC products and materials.
1.2 Features: This product has no regular structure and thermoplastic elastomer, almost no crystallization, with excellent flame resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and water resistance. And PVC, CR, and so has a good compatibility.
1.3 Product Specifications
Grade CPE6740
Chlorine content,% 40±2
Whiteness,≥ 85
Hot melt,J/g≤ 2.0
Volatile matter content,%≤ 0.5
Residue on sieve(0.9mm)≤ 2.0
Colored particles,(piece/100g)≤ 30
Spot(150*150)≤ 40
Tensile strength,MPa≥ 8.0
Shore hardness  A≤ 60
Mooney viscosity,ML(1+4)125℃ 70-90
Heat stable tim,165℃≥ 8

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